What is Volentum

Volentum is a combination of the words “Voluntary Momentum”.

In business, action or change is often forced or dictated. It has been assumed that just because employees work for a company, they have to do what they are told to do or have been hired to do. In theory that is correct: people “should” do what they have been hired to do.

So why are so many companies struggling to get the most out of their people?

The reality is that today’s workforce has changed. What motivates people today is different from what motivated them yesterday. People have more options of employment and are more willing to change jobs or even industries to find a satisfying work place.  Moreover, the type of work has changed too.  Increased competition and the advent of the information economy mean that profitability and success requires employees to do more than just “do their job.”  An engaged workforce that thinks for itself, seeks creative solutions, and has a customer-focused mindset has an enormous impact on the bottom line, compared with a workforce that does just what is required to “get by”.

So, what is the answer?

We have proven over the last 20 years that the energy, talent and answers to solve your challenges lie within your organization and your people. By creating a Vitalized Work Culture, where people feel valued and their ideas are listened to, the voluntary momentum of your organization is unleashed.

Now you can set the strategy and get out of their way. That is VOLENTUM…

Call us today to set up an introductory session and experience for yourself the power of Voluntary Momentum!

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