What if culture change cost no money and was fun?

Posted in: Change, Contrary Advantage, Diversity, Engagement- Sep 01, 2010 No Comments

My conscious interest in change dates back to the Cuban Revolution in the 1950’s and later was reinforced by memories of the devastation in Germany after World War II. Then traveling or living in conflict-ridden areas, the question of how to make change that did not trigger a backlash or cause so much destruction became […]

The 7 Major Mistakes Salespeople Make

Posted in: Sales, Videos- Nov 14, 2009 4 Comments

We’ve all experienced those rare but unforgettable moments of complete and utter surrender to the skills, technique and enthusiasm of a true “Sales Professional.” We entered the scenario totally convinced that we were not going to buy. We even had the conversation in the car on the way over, making a pledge with our spouses […]

Selective Attention and the Mortgage Crisis

Posted in: Brain Applications At Work- Nov 08, 2009 3 Comments

I have the fortunate opportunity to meet a lot of people and I am always fascinated by how some can see opportunity every day and some can’t see opportunity even when it is right under their nose.  So here is a little experiment to show you what I mean.  It will only take 40 seconds, […]

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