Professional Influence


Problem Definition:

Your comfort in front of a room is NOT an indicator as to your effectiveness in front of the room. That point has been illustrated time and time again when we see people feeling perfectly comfortable in front of a room, being completely ineffective, not connecting with their audience and quite frankly, BORING US OUT OF OUR MINDS!

When it comes to improving public speaking, presentations and meeting facilitation skills, most of the emphasis has been on “building comfort” or “reducing stress”. The assumptions being that once people can get over their fears and manage their stress, they will be more effective. While there is some truth to that, there is much more to creating and being influential. The goal of a speaker anytime they are in front of a room is to drive action and cause change not to feel comfortable.

Too often the opportunity is missed by leaders to build trust when they are in front of the room. Powerful leaders typically subscribe to the humble approach of letting their “results speak for themselves”. Even though your results over time are a very powerful influencer, the challenge is that leaders don’t always have the luxury of time. They need results now. They need buy in now. They need others to take action now.


In this electrifying three-day workshop with Master Influencer Rene Rodriguez, you will experience an almost magical transformation that catapults you from being an average to above-average speaker to becoming a skilled influencer who moves people to take action. This invaluable program teaches you how to build loyalty, trust, and commitment in others through effective communications, authentic body language and powerful techniques used by the world’s best influencers.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone whose success day in and day out depends upon their ability to influence others interpersonally, in meetings, and in front of groups. Executives, Managers, Business Owners, Sales Professionals. This event will be limited to seven people, so reserve your space!

Participants will benefit by:

– Developing new skills in public speaking that create engagement

– Personalized coaching and attention given to each individual

– Receiving one-on-one improvement recommendations on your videotaped presentations

– Learning to critique speakers and provide a positive sounding board for others in the room

– Learning a new method of writing that will enable you to write better talks than you ever have in a fraction of the time

– The art of storytelling to illustrate ideas, increase retention of information and drive points home

– Learning strategies that will enable you to engage 100% of the audience every time you’re in front of a group

– Learning how your nonverbal communication either enhances or detracts from your message

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