Interviews Volentum CEO, Rene Rodriguez

The guys from the interview Volentum CEO, Rene Rodriguez and discuss relevant topics such as moving from “order taker” to “sales professional”, selling during down times, creating a high performance sales culture, a new look at sales metrics and much more…

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Leading During Hard Times

Volentum CEO, Rene Rodriguez, speaking at the Management Session on Leading During Hard Times.

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Employee Engagement – The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Employee engagement, also called Work engagement discretionary effort; that is, when employees have choices, they organization’s interests or in a way that does not enthusiastic about his or her work.

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A Lesson on Communication

Did you know that when communicating, the actual words we use only account for a small portion of the impact of our message? Watch as highly sought-after speaker Rene Rodriguez shares how to make your communications more effective.

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The Value of our Time and Leaving a Legacy

This clip was taken from the Business Plan 2008 conference in Las Vegas, NV in front of over 2,000 mortgage professionals. Thanks to Loan Toolbox for putting on such a great event.

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The 6 Money Making Activities

At the heart of any effective sales process are the 6 Money Making Activities. The activities are essential to the success of any sales career.

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The Most Powerful Phrase in Selling and Presenting

A joke with out a punchline is like a feature with out a benefit. This tip outlines a simple process that ensures you deliver value when you share powerful information.

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Powerful Testimonial: Jim McMahan

Jim McMahan, Director of Training and Education of for Loan Toolbox, shares his thoughts after attending one of Rene Rodriguez’s sessions on Selling During Hard Times.

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The Power of Focus and the Brain

Learn how to influence people and communicate more effectively by focusing your brain’s “40 volts” for 30 seconds.

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The 5 Value Propositions

In order for someone to make a decision to buy something from you, they have to buy off on 5 value propositions. Follow this sequence and NEVER skip a step!

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