Strategic Thinking: Why Most Small Business Owners Don’t Do It Enough

Posted in: Change, Leadership, Strategic Planning- Mar 30, 2012 No Comments

  BY EXPERT BLOGGER ETHAN HALE | 03-28-2012 | reposted from: As a business owner or manager, there are basically two ways in which you can spend your time. The first is working within the business. This includes every level of operations, from customer service to sales to production to accounting. The second option is strategic thinking–high level […]

Improving Engagement Improves Revenues

Posted in: Change, Engagement, Leadership, Strategic Planning, Videos- Jan 28, 2010 No Comments

  The 2003 Towers Perrin Report on Engagement, plus several dozen rigorous studies, have shown that when Employee Engagement improves, Revenue Increases and the Cost of Goods Sold Decreases. A 10% improvement in Engagement creates a 1% improvement in revenue … and a 3% improvement in profitability. We believe that employee engagement and resilience are […]

Four questions that change my life – every year!

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The Four questions… 1.  What would I have to do to make this next year my best year yet? 2.  What got in my way last year? 3.  What will be different this year? 4.  Am I willing to do it?

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