What if culture change cost no money and was fun?

Posted in: Change, Contrary Advantage, Diversity, Engagement- Sep 01, 2010 No Comments

My conscious interest in change dates back to the Cuban Revolution in the 1950’s and later was reinforced by memories of the devastation in Germany after World War II. Then traveling or living in conflict-ridden areas, the question of how to make change that did not trigger a backlash or cause so much destruction became […]

Tips for Community and Diversity Engagement

Posted in: Diversity, Engagement- Aug 08, 2010 1 Comment

Leave a Good Name Behind in Case you Return – African Proverb Be remembered as honest, trustworthy and capable of telling the truth without inflicting pain, being open to new ideas, giving credit where it is due, mentoring and demonstrating selflessness and generous behavior. This kind of legacy behavior is welcomed anywhere, not just in […]

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