Forced Reinvention…the affects of 911 on our business

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By. Rene F. Rodriguez, CEO

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There are few things in life that are as exciting as watching and idea take shape and become reality.  Recently, I found a piece of paper that reminded me  how I first got in sales training.  Below is a short version of the story.

*The names of the people and facility have been changed to keep anonymity.

In August of 2001, I became CEO for the first time in my career. At the time, we had 7 offices, 25 employees and 30 consultants running close to 50 workshops per month world wide, life was good…so it seemed. The following month, terrorists attacked the Twin Towers in New York City. I remember driving in to work listening to the news and being shocked that something like this could happen. As shocking as it was, there was still a sense of disconnection from what it really meant to me. Two days later, I received a call that would change my life and our business forever. Read more »

The Resurgence of the Sales Professional

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By. Rene F. Rodriguez, CEO

The article below was published in the Niche Report – Real Estate Edition and is on one of my favorite topics to write and speak about – “Sales Professionalism”.  The Niche Report is great because they let me truly express myself in my writings and are okay if I’m a little “in your face”.  Below is a short excerpt followed by the full article as a PDF.  I hope you enjoy it and as always please comment and share it with your network if you find value in it.

If Justin Timberlake can “bring sexy back,” then I’m “BRINGING SALES BACK!” It’s time that we return to the roots of what we really are – salespeople.   That’s right, I said it, salespeople. Not Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Consultants, Account Supervisors, or Business Development Specialists. No matter what we call ourselves, no matter what our title says, at the end of the day we are salespeople. And it’s time that we bring the pride and professionalism back to the lost and ever-so- beautiful art of selling…

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The Resurgence of the Sales Professional – Rene Rodriguez

Published in the Niche Report – April 2012

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Who are you? and Why?

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Seems like a simple enough question. Who am I? Well, I’m a father, son, friend, sales professional and a few other things. I’m quite sure if I were to ask you the same question, you could come up with similar answers, all of which would be perfectly valid.

Now let me challenge you. Who are you in the business world?…

Niche Report Feb.2012 – Who Are You

Published in the Niche Report – Feb 2012

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Get Your Message Across With Body Language: 5 Tips

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It never ceases to amaze me how people react to the topic of “body language”.  Everyone knows it is important but yet so few do something about it.  Even the simplest changes can make a world of difference.  Here are 5 simple tips from a post I saw on  Again, this is simple stuff…to learn more about how to improve your influence, check out this video

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Strategic Thinking: Why Most Small Business Owners Don’t Do It Enough

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As a business owner or manager, there are basically two ways in which you can spend your time. The first is working within the business. This includes every level of operations, from customer service to sales to production to accounting. The second option is strategic thinking–high level analysis, thought, and planning. Examples of strategic thinking include creating a business development plan or developing new systems of production and fulfillment. Read more »

13th Annual Mortgage Technology Conference

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The Mortgage Technology Conference, taking place November 14-16, 2011 at the Doral Golf Resort, Miami, FL, has assembled influential presenters in mortgage technology to empower lenders to make the most informed technology decisions. Learn how to use the newest technology solutions to address the most pressing issues lenders face in the current market.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

10:00 AM – 10:45 AM

Rene Rodriguez CEO, VOLENTUM

This session gives a unique view of the mortgage industry, giving focus to technology changes and updates.  Now that you have heard all about the technology for the industry, challenges, etc., now what?  Learn valuable advice on how to incorporate technology into your business’ plan today, six months from now, five years from now and maintain a successful technology platform for the future.


2012 Mastery Business Plan

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New Horizons — New Opportunities

Join hundreds of top MLOs—the best of the best—for Mastery Business Plan, LIVE in Las Vegas November 16-18, 2011.

Your future is now. Right here — right now. Now is your time. Step up!

The economy has changed. The housing market has changed. The mortgage industry has changed. But have YOU changed?

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The Art of Signature Stories

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Stories can make or break your presentation.  One comment I hear a lot after I speak is “Rene, I loved the story you shared about ____. I could really relate to it.” And if you want to impact people, share with them stories they can relate to. If you want to have an impact on a lot of people when you speak, share a lot of stories.

The greatest orators, speakers and comics of our time, ALL TELL STORIES.   For years we have worked with our clients in helping them develop their stories and work on the skills on delivering them in an effective manner.  Here is an article that I found written by Doug Stevenson which I believe captures the elements necessary to make an impression on your audience through the art of signature stories.

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The hidden room for improvement in the mortgage process

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I just wrote this in HousingWire…what do you think? Please post your comments.

“Extra! Extra! Read all about it, Mortgage Bank wins customer service award!”

Sadly, that is a headline we rarely see in the mortgage industry. Banks in general and the mortgage industry in particular have a questionable record when it comes to customer service.The ever present, antagonistic relationship between volume and service plagues organizations as they try to grow. It’s like clockwork, as volume increases, service decreases. It used to be the case that you could just throw money at service issues. Well, those days are gone…at least for now. Read more »

What if culture change cost no money and was fun?

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My conscious interest in change dates back to the Cuban Revolution in the 1950’s and later was reinforced by memories of the devastation in Germany after World War II. Then traveling or living in conflict-ridden areas, the question of how to make change that did not trigger a backlash or cause so much destruction became a life quest.

After years of struggling, frustration and experimentation  I realized that many of the most effective change methodologies are free. We can use them anytime – if we choose. The problem is that we may not recognize them, because they may be too far under our radar of what we believe triggers change.

Some examples of effective, free tools for change include: a handshake, a smile, a kind word, a diplomatic way of telling our truth, a sincere desire to listen (even when we do not like what we hear). These cost only good will, compassion and emotional maturity on our parts. Leaders in troubled groups have found that these and other simple behaviors can reach people who have been cynical for years and have rejected more expensive, “sophisticated” methods. Simple, sincere, genuine behavior without fancy declarations can build trust and work for peace (and profitability) in a community or a business.

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