Volentum, the company, is an enterprise management consulting company with over thirty years of organized effort that brings together into a practical, scientific, and demonstrable system of learning; a system that individuals and groups can use to solve business, interpersonal and life problems.  Volentum’s methodologies contain the necessary principles and scientific backing that enable individuals and their respective communities (business, personal and social) to creatively meet their challenges, boldly commit to next steps and proactively take action.

We chose the name Volentum  because it represents a scientific methodology, based on brain research and over 30 years of practical experience that has been tested and proven effective with over 90,000 people in companies all over the world.  Volentum is for speeding ideas to action by eliminating the innate psychological, physiological, emotional, interpersonal and even political resistance to change, new ideas, learning and engagement.

We specialize in improving business performance by facilitating the individual’s personal awareness and understanding of the innate ways we human are “wired” to resist and/or welcome change. As individuals grow in their personal effectiveness, EQ, and performance, there is positive impact on overall productivity in the workplace.

We currently work directly with leaders, managers and employees in medium and large organizations across multiple industries, and in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. We have assembled a team of professional business people, consultants, instructors, and coaches who are experts in helping organizations create work environments that promote trust, lower stress, inspire teamwork and creativity, and embrace continuous, effective change efforts.

Volentum’s tools and techniques accelerate adult learning and growth. Consequently they enable people to accelerate change, decelerate change, anticipate change, and even enable groups to change the direction of change itself. With the increased capability to work with change – the principles of what change is and how it happens – individuals and groups move more quickly through the phases of natural resistance and conflict into cooperation and creative problem-solving.

Sample list of organizational results that can be expected:

  • Job satisfaction increases
  • Absenteeism and turnover of key talent decreases
  • Innovative thinking and conflict resolution increases
  • Getting real about problems and working on the “right issues” increases,
  • Understanding the company strategic direction is enhanced,
  • Overall performance and productivity are positively influenced.

As individuals and groups become more “organizationally healthy,” profits and bottom-line results move towards health as well.

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