The Resurgence of the Sales Professional

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By. Rene F. Rodriguez, CEO

The article below was published in the Niche Report – Real Estate Edition and is on one of my favorite topics to write and speak about – “Sales Professionalism”.  The Niche Report is great because they let me truly express myself in my writings and are okay if I’m a little “in your face”.  Below is a short excerpt followed by the full article as a PDF.  I hope you enjoy it and as always please comment and share it with your network if you find value in it.

If Justin Timberlake can “bring sexy back,” then I’m “BRINGING SALES BACK!” It’s time that we return to the roots of what we really are – salespeople.   That’s right, I said it, salespeople. Not Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Consultants, Account Supervisors, or Business Development Specialists. No matter what we call ourselves, no matter what our title says, at the end of the day we are salespeople. And it’s time that we bring the pride and professionalism back to the lost and ever-so- beautiful art of selling…

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The Resurgence of the Sales Professional – Rene Rodriguez

Published in the Niche Report – April 2012

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