2012 Mastery Business Plan

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New Horizons — New Opportunities

Join hundreds of top MLOs—the best of the best—for Mastery Business Plan, LIVE in Las Vegas November 16-18, 2011.

Your future is now. Right here — right now. Now is your time. Step up!

The economy has changed. The housing market has changed. The mortgage industry has changed. But have YOU changed?

The transformation of true professionals in our industry is happening…and NOW is the time to take control of your own destiny and:

  • Guarantee your success in 2012 with the all-new Business Planning Workshop
  • Transform your business with powerful sessions on presentation & selling, social media, networking and more
  • Reach new horizons and grab more opportunities with strategies and tips from an all star line-up of top industry speakers

Join us in Las Vegas for the most powerful, transformative live event the mortgage industry has ever seen.

Don’t miss the best live speakers, incredible sessions, panels, presentations and tools that deliver the real answers and practical strategies you need to grab a bigger piece of the pie than ever before.

We look forward to seeing you LIVE in Las Vegas!

Day 2 — Thursday , November 17, 2011

4:40 pm – 6:00 pm Faculty Mash Up!
Rene RodriguezKhai McBride
Ed ConarchyDavid Kuiper
Talk about your all-time great mash-ups! Part presentation, part panel discussion, and part faculty round up, this fast-paced and hard-charging session gets down to the nitty-gritty details about implementation, productivity, team building, and systems that real-world originators use to charge ahead in today’s market. And don’t think it’s just talk – take their actionable sheets, checklists, and hot tips and put them to work for you!Rene Rodriguez moderates MSS Faculty greats including Khai McBrideEd Conarchy and David Kuiper.


Day 3 — Friday , November 18, 2011

8:45 am – 9:30 am Move Beyond Motivation: How to Maximize Your Business Plan
Rene Rodriguez What good is a rocket without the fuel necessary to reach its destination? The same should be asked about a plan without a clear purpose or “why”. As in any sales profession, it is easy to get distracted and lose sight of what we need to do to be successful. We’ve looked for motivation to keep us going through the tough times only to find that there is still something missing. In this powerful and thought provoking session, Rene Rodriguez will guide you through some of the latest research on motivation and goal setting to help you identify the “why” that will fuel your success, even through the toughest times.You will learn:

  • How to stay motivated after the emotion wears off
  • Proven strategies for achieving goals
  • How to apply recent brain research to your daily routine
  • How our values get lost during stressful times
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