15 Tips for Respectful Dialogue

Posted in: Contrary Advantage, Engagement- Aug 21, 2010 2 Comments

In your own words, why are each of these tips important? Welcome the truth. Keep body language open.  Uncross arms and legs Remove obstacles between partners. No desk or table between you Breathe slowly and relax Keep relaxed eye contact.  Don’t look down or into space Let the Contrary who asked for the dialogue  lead […]

The Catalyst

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I hope you enjoy this amazing video from my good friend Dustin Hughes – you can learn more about him at – http://www.dustin360.com/

Tips for Community and Diversity Engagement

Posted in: Diversity, Engagement- Aug 08, 2010 1 Comment

Leave a Good Name Behind in Case you Return – African Proverb Be remembered as honest, trustworthy and capable of telling the truth without inflicting pain, being open to new ideas, giving credit where it is due, mentoring and demonstrating selflessness and generous behavior. This kind of legacy behavior is welcomed anywhere, not just in […]

Vision of a Regenerative Work Culture

Posted in: Change, Engagement, Leadership- Aug 08, 2010 1 Comment

Key performance factors are common in a Regenerative Work Culture. This vision describes a few of them: A Site and/or Business Vision and Mission guides the work •    The Mission and Vision have been communicated throughout the entire organization •    People know how their role contributes to the Mission and Vision and customers •    Each […]

Rene Rodriguez on Employee Engagement

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The 2003  Towers Perrin Report on Engagement, plus several dozen rigorous studies,  have shown that when Employee Engagement improves, Revenue Increases  and the Cost of  Goods Sold Decreases. <strong>A 10% improvement in  Engagement creates a 1% improvement in revenue … and a 3% improvement in  profitability. </strong> We believe that employee engagement and  resilience are […]

What is a Culture of Engagement?

Posted in: Engagement, Leadership- Aug 07, 2010 2 Comments

Generate Quality Results with a Culture of Engagement and Vitalization The proven Volentum approach makes it easier to grow and change through vitalized, energetic work cultures of engagement. The Volentum approach builds upon group strengths, stimulating rapid problem solving of real issues and building or repairing trust and teamwork. The results are reduced conflict, change […]

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