The 7 Major Mistakes Salespeople Make

Posted in: Sales, Videos- Nov 14, 2009 4 Comments

We’ve all experienced those rare but unforgettable moments of complete and utter surrender to the skills, technique and enthusiasm of a true “Sales Professional.” We entered the scenario totally convinced that we were not going to buy. We even had the conversation in the car on the way over, making a pledge with our spouses […]

Selective Attention and the Mortgage Crisis

Posted in: Brain Applications At Work- Nov 08, 2009 3 Comments

I have the fortunate opportunity to meet a lot of people and I am always fascinated by how some can see opportunity every day and some can’t see opportunity even when it is right under their nose.  So here is a little experiment to show you what I mean.  It will only take 40 seconds, […]

Why One Way Of Learning Is Better Than Another

Posted in: Brain Applications At Work- Nov 04, 2009 No Comments

I think we’d all agree that some ways of learning are better than others.  I’d much rather learn from someone that uses visuals and can tell a good story to keep me engaged.  I know, that’s obvious, but have you thought about the affects and benefits of spacing out your training versus doing it all […]

Consumers Stop Buying As Number Of Options Increase

Posted in: Sales- Nov 02, 2009 No Comments

We all are aware of the reality that the internet makes the world smaller, increases competition & drives prices down.  At the surface level, a logical conclusion could be that it will be harder and harder to compete.  The reality is that the amount of choices we all have does not make it harder to […]

No Such Thing As A ‘Born Leader,’ Study In Fish Finds

Posted in: Leadership, Videos- Nov 01, 2009 No Comments

ScienceDaily (Jan. 31, 2009) — Followers are just as important to good leadership as are the leaders themselves, reveals a new study of stickleback fish published online on January 29th in Current Biology, a Cell Press publication.By randomly pairing fish of varying degrees of “boldness,” the researchers showed that each member of a pair adopts […]

Did you know? Your Brain has 40 Volts…so what?

Posted in: Brain Applications At Work, Communication, Leadership, Videos- Nov 01, 2009 No Comments

Learn how to influence people and communicate more effectively by focusing your brain’s “40 volts” for 30 seconds.

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